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The Samsung Panel Lottery

Samsung source the panels that they use in their LED LCDs from multiple suppliers. As of 2013 a Samsung LCD could contain a panel from:

  • Samsung S-PVA
  • Sharp ASV/SVA/UV2A
  • AU Optronics A-MVA
  • Chi Mei Corporation S-MVA
  • Beijing Optoelectronics AFFs

Each manufacturer has a their own unique screen technology. The performance of each technology approximately corresponds to the order above, with Samsung S-PVA panels providing better contrast and overall performance than the CMO S-MVA panels.

In the interest of full disclosure I own a 65" AU Optronics panel. The comparison provided below has not been scientifically obtained and is based on reports founds primarily on avsforums.

Panel Attributes
Contrast Excellent Good Excellent/Good No Data Poor
Viewing Angles Excellent Excellent Poor Poor Good
Motion Blurring Reported[1] Reported[1] None Evident No Data No Data
Vertical Banding Reported Reported Reported No Data No Data
Colour Qauntization/Banding None Evident None Evident Reported[1] No Data No Data

For up to date information on the Samsung Panel Lottery refer to [this AVS thread.]

Technical Panel Information

Some detectives over at avsforums discovered a recipe for finding technical information regarding specific panels.

First search for your TV and retrieve the panel model here: for example: T650HVN05.4

If you are having trouble finding the panel Sort by Price, the panel is the most expensive part (it's not always listed).

Then go to and search by the panel part number.

Identifying Your Samsung Panel

The easiest way to identify your panel is to look-up the 4 digit Version as shown on the box and the label on the back of the display.

60EH6000 Serial.jpg

In this case the Version was YH02 which indicated an A-MVA panel from AU Optronics.

Unfortunately there are many more version numbers than there are panel types. This makes it hard to keep track of the Version to Type relation.

Service Menu

If your version does not appear in the list below you can determine the panel manufacturer from the Service Menu. You must accept responsibility for any damage you may cause by activating the Service Menu. Your TV will be reset to factory defaults and you will lose your current settings.

To enter the service menu on US model Samsung LCDs enter the following with the TV switched off. MUTE 1 8 2 POWER

The manufacturer is given by the letter following the screen size under Option or Type

In the following picture the letter following the screen size is L indicating this panel was manufactured by AU Optronics.

65eh600 service menu.jpg

If your panel version is not listed below and you discover the manufacturer using the service menu, please let me know. As a fallible human being I encourage readers to report errors or omissions.

Model/Version/Panel Lookup

In the following XX is usually represented by 01 or 02. So YHXX applies to YH01 and YH02.

Beijing Optoelectronics

Service Menu Letter:


  • EHXX
  • GDXX
  • FPXX
  • ESXX


  • UN32EH4003
  • UN28H4000
  • UN22D5003

Chi Mei Optoelectronics

Service Menu Letter:

  • D, P


  • CDXX
  • CHXX
  • NDXX
  • NHXX


  • UN50F5500
  • UN39FH5000

AU Optronics


Service Menu Letter:

  • L, R


  • AHXX
  • ASXX
  • BHXX
  • MHXX
  • MSXX
  • YHXX




Service Menu Code:

  • H


  • ISXX
  • HHXX
  • HSXX


  • UN60FH6003
  • UN60F6350
  • UN60F6300
  • UN40F5500
  • UN40EH5300
  • UN32F5000



Service Menu Code:

  • A


  • TDXX
  • THXX
  • TUXX
  • TSXX
  • UDXX
  • UFXX
  • UHXX
  • USXX
  • WHXX



Currently unknown versions


  • MDXX - UN65F8000 - Given Samsung's historical naming schemes this is most likely an A-MVA panel from AU Optronics.